Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm experimenting with a new dip.  It's a rustic sundried tomato white bean dip kind of thing.  The inspiration was a dip I saw in the store that I didn't even try!  The last time I saw a tasty dip that I thought about trying to recreate, I bought the dip, got hooked and then couldn't perfect a homemade version.  Didn't want that to happen, so I figured I'd just imagine what it would taste like and mess around at home.  So first batch is pretty good.  Still needs more tweaking - and more sundried tomatoes I think.  Alas I am all out.  If I get it all sorted out and properly tasty, I'll share.  In the mean time you'll have to guess.  And stare at the cuteness.

Sunday digging
His favorite pastime is picking at the dirt around and in between the bricks.  Yes his fingernails are gross.

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