Monday, February 7, 2011

Growing Up


Charlie is 16 months now.  He used to snuggle with me in our rocking chair before every night-night.  Now I get high-fives before nap and bedtime.  He loves it!  And I love it.  I miss snuggling, but I’ll take enthusiastic high-fives. :)
*Note, you can’t see everything else in the background, but that man goes to bed with an army of things.  Pictured here are just his special elephant, a ball, the big puppy and his blanket (which usually never stays on him - must have been exhausted and passed out as soon as I laid him down).  Not pictured are generally a puppy dog, teddy bear, a froggie, 3 mouse-opotamuses - the creature that looks simultaneously like, you guessed it, a mouse and a hippo, and several random duplo pieces he manages to throw in there.  I try and draw the line at sticks, but even then I find some that have sneaked their way in. Gone are the days of sleeping in an empty bed.   
(But we were very careful when initially allowing him to sleep with things in bed, due to that whole suffocation thing.)

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