Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Love of my Life

Today is Handsome Man's birthday!  He's been around a whole 27 years!  I told him I hoped he'd be around another two to three 27 years, and he said he be happy to make it for another two 27s.  We'll just compromise and hope for 100 years total. :)

Today is a busy day for both of us, not the least of it all being a Wing Chun training class for each of us this evening, pretty much totally messing up a fun birthday dinner hour, so we have postponed tasty birthday festivities until tomorrow.  Too bad.  Just wait till you see what dinner I have planned for tomorrow!  (He requested it, by the way.)

Here are some pics of us through the years.

Taken at Wall-E!!  One of the rare movies we've actually seen in the theater.

At Raven Rock while we were dating and I was at Campbell, circa 2006 maybe?

Our OBX photoshoot with bethanydan photography  August 2010. They were awesome!

At a friend's wedding circa early 2007 before we were married.

Our 1st Anniversary!  2008

Who knows...

That's what I looked liked normally after coming home from teaching.

A friend's wedding shower in 2008.

One last meet up with Erin and Daniel in 2008 before Jack was born.

At my good friend Karoline's wedding in 2008.

Our visit to PEI in 2008.

Probably one of my MOST favorite pictures of all time!  At Anne of Green Gables gift shop in PEI.

You'll notice most pics are from 2008 or before.  Yea, it's so much easier to remember "couple" shots pre-baby and when you are dating.  In 2009 we had the great camera disaster and were without until just a couple weeks before Charlie was born - at which point 90% of all pictures became Charlie pictures or Charlie-and-one-parent pictures.  Infact, I had to go all the way back to our OBX photoshoot in August of 2010 as our most recent couple shot, as we just haven't remembered to take any of ourselves together since then (and actually we didn't take it then - Bethany and Dan Photography did).  Clearly we need to work on this.  I want to remember that we exist as a couple too, not just as Mama and Daddy and Children.  And I want some new pictures to document my thinner face now. :)

Maybe we'll make more couple pictures our new goal - along with our other plethora of goals....  :-)

You are my best friend, handsome husband.  I love you and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  1. Happy Birthday to William!! You two are ADORABLE!!! *Totally* know what you mean about most photo ops with just kids and one parent...and that's usually me...I need to drag Chris in front of the camera more often :)
    Thanks for sharing your super-fabulous memories!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'll be sure to tell him! :) We miss you all!