Monday, March 14, 2011

Charlie's Famous!!! (sort of....)

I'm so excited!!  Today I received in the mail my copy of Green Smoothie Girl's newest book out, the Big Book of Green Smoothies!!

And you'll never guess whose cute little picture is among the pages!  Charlie is one of about 50 kiddos whose pictures made it into the book - all of the kids rockin' out fabulous green smoothie mustaches!  These pictures are ADORABLE!!  It makes my heart so glad to know that there are so many kids out there enjoying healthy green smoothies, instead of succumbing to sugary soft drinks and breakfast cereals, etc....  Little kids CAN enjoy eating greens!!

So the book is comprised mostly of smoothie recipes and munchkin pictures from GSG readers!  That's right, every day people like you and me!  I was too late getting our smoothie recipe in, and I almost missed the deadline for sending in Charlie's picture, but thankfully not quite!  Robyn Openshaw, or Green Smoothie Girl as she's often called, is a wealth of knowledge on nutritious whole foods!  Check out her website here, and this newest addition to her line of recipe books here.  If you have any interest at all in shaking up your diet and going for more raw, unprocessed whole foods, I highly recommend browsing her website.  She also has a blog, which I enjoy reading and find informative.

I'm looking through the book and the recipes look delicious and totally FUN!  It's definitely inspiring me to shake up our normal green smoothie recipe and try something new.  How could you not be curious about such smoothies as, "Mouthwatering Mango Smoothie" "Morning Mojito" "Green Beauty Cilantro Shake" "Ogre's Blood" "Fungus the Bogey Man Juice" "Peach Pizazz" "Shrek Shake" "Pineapple Coconut Smoothie" "Yoda Soda" "Darth Vader Juice" "PeachANUT Butter Smoothie" "Tropical Princess" and SO MANY MORE!!  Green smoothies are an awesome way to get a large serving of fruits and veggies, and are jam packed full of nutrients!  Not to mention if you are eyeing your waist line grumpily, they are a great way to lose weight since greens are the highest nutrient per calorie foods out there!  So lots of nutrients to nourish your body, with very little calories!

Thanks Robyn for compiling this awesome book of green goodness recipes.  Can't wait to get started trying them!

This isn't the picture I sent in of Charlie with his smoothie mustache, but it's super cute anyways.  Maybe you'll just have to buy the book to see that picture. :-)

Charlie enjoying is daily morning smoothie.

When I say "smoothie" the kid seriously comes running.  I love him.

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