Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Music to my ears..

My piano just got tuned this morning and I cannot tell you what a world of difference that makes!  I'm glad I finally got it into my noggin, that tight as the budget may be, I can either spend a little over $100 on a semi-yearly basis to keep it in tip top shape, or I can let it sit in it's own cacophony and out-of-tune-ness for too long, ruin my teaching instrument (and source of income), and then spend several thousand to replace it.  Hmm...which one's the better idea.


You go to school for music, you hate practicing on out of tune pianos, you have it drilled into your head about maintaining your instrument so it continues to function well, and yet out in real life, when the pinch comes and you are trying to cut corners places, how easy it can be to forget priorities!

Thank you Mr. Frye for your excellent work as always, and charming personality to boot.  May you continue to live long and tune pianos long. :)

Charlie and his cousin Conal happily dueting away.

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