Monday, March 21, 2011

Whole Foods splurge #1

Cedar's All Natural Garlic Lovers Hommus.

Loved.  It.

I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it.  In the check-out line I was having a debate with myself about whether or not I should actually get it since I reasoned I could probably just throw in an extra 5 cloves of garlic in my hummus and achieve the same thing.  Well, I would have achieved extra garlic, but it wouldn't have been roasted garlic.  This garlic lovers hummus was full of roasted garlic flavor, something I'm not actually really familiar with.  In fact, up until yesterday when I tried the hummus, I couldn't have described to you what a roasted garlic flavor was, other than the description I have read about it being a sweet flavor.  We'll it's not actually sweet, but compared to the sharp taste of raw garlic, I guess I can see how it could be described as sweet.  So now I have a better grasp of a roasted garlic flavor.

I can also tell you now that if you are a garlic lover, particularly roasted, this is a good hummus to try.  It's at WholeFoods and at least right now at my WFs it's on sale for half off through March 29th I believe.  This hummus does contain olive oil and sunflower oil, which is not necessarily bad unless you are trying to be very careful about extra fat consumption while trying to achieve weight loss.  If that's the case I'd encourage you to stick with homemade hummus with no additional oil added.  If that's not a concern for you, by all means eat up!  :)

Edit: I forgot how creamy store bought hummus actually is!  So smooth it will knock your socks off.  Also, I think I'll be experimenting with roasting garlic and making roasted garlic hummus in the future.

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