Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Nathaniel!

We went to visit my long time friend Ros and her new baby the other day.  Charlie was super excited when he realized the "baby Nathaniel" Mama kept talking about was actually a little baby he could poke at and pat. Well, we tried to limit the poking and just do gentle patting, which worked for the most part but I think Nathaniel may have received one whack on the head already.  (Sorry Nathaniel)  Gotta break in play buddies early I guess. ;-)

He was pretty excited about the baby.  Too bad he usually moves too fast  for Mama to catch the smiles on his face.

Grinning at the little baby.

We work hard on talking about when "gentle lovey pats" are appropriate instead of rough and tumble.    For the most part, unless he's having an attitude, he switches into gentle mode when we tell him.  We are so thankful.

But eventually little lumps of babies who need gentle lovey pats get boring and so we must stare up at the ceiling and flop about again. :)
We had a great time visiting with Ros and Nathaniel and can't wait to go back to see them again.  Oh, and yea, Charlie pretty much looks like a giant monster compared to little 6lb Nathaniel.  :-)

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