Monday, April 4, 2011


This isn't exactly the most fabulous picture, but I think he's so cute in his little button shirt, boot cut jeans and brown shoes.  He must have been rockin' this look on a Sunday evening around church time in a disposable or something because usually this kid is in sweat pants and sweat shirts.  Not because I don't like fabulously cute, stylish clothes, and not because I love me some bummy looking sweat pants either.  Mostly it's because stretchy, elastic waisted knit pants are the most conducive to cloth diapering.  Cloth diaper bums can get a little large and a lot of regular adult-ish looking clothes that are more stylish are just not suited to cloth.  In fact most kids clothes are not inherently suited for cloth diapers anymore, barring just going up a size.  Everything is geared for the smaller disposable diapered heinys.  But sweat pants, knit pants, fleece pants, etc all work nicely to go over a bigger bum, but still fit snug at the waist.   Hence my child looks nice and comfy and bummy all the time instead of stylin'.  But not this day.  This day he was rockin' the jeans....and the handsome.

Happily slurping his nutmilk.

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