Friday, May 6, 2011

Charlie's first strawberry picking! (A picture extravaganza)

Last Thursday I took Charlie out for his very first strawberry picking!  We were lucky enough to be able to have my good friend Karoline go with us to make a good time even better!  Charlie was a champ through out it all and I think was pretty intrigued by the whole thing.  He picked a few berries himself but vastly preferred just putting the berries I handed him into the bucket.  I succeeded in not getting him to throw the strawberries in the bucket like balls, but he didn't exactly place them in the bucket either.  It was more of a "gentle toss" from 6-8inches away.  I figured that was pretty good for our first picking.

Attempting to pick

"look at these things in the bucket, Ma!"

"So heavy"

I think that was a "gentle toss" caught in the action.

"Yea so what are we doing here again, Mama?"

I love that he looks so skeptical.

examining his precious berries

but oh the decisions about what to do with the precious berries.

I love that grin.

helping Karoline pick a berry

Mama and Charlie

Love it!

Love it x2!  I only wish Charlie had gotten the memo to look at the camera.  Oh well. :)

So that was Charlie's first adventure strawberry picking.  We went yesterday again with some church friends and this time the berry squishing started.  Once that happened our time at the farm was shortened.  But it was still a lot of fun.  Charlie actually spent most of the time trying to crawl into someone else's stroller to play with his Sunday night nursery buddy.  But when I finally got him to stop crawling on the stroller and the baby, the berry squishing began.  Gotta love it.

Have you been strawberry picking at any great farms this year?  We might try a different farm next time.  This farm had a killer price ($1.45/lb - half of what strawberry prices are at my local Farmer's Market), but the berries weren't always the sweetest.  Any farm recommendations?

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