Monday, July 25, 2011

The Big Boy Bed Take 2

So here's how the big boy bed ended up.  We have the head board and foot board from my great grandma on now, and we opted for the child railing as well.  Not totally sure why we did the second since I wasn't too concerned about him falling out and hurting himself, and since in spite of disciplining, he still crawls over the railing and gets out.  But maybe he likes that he's got himself a little pen again, so to speak.  He clearly can't fall asleep until he dumps all his precious treasures out and scatters them around.

Oh, he's been known to crawl out of his bed and open his draws to retrieve a favorite shirt or pair of pjs to sleep with. Too funny!  Also he will retrieve favorite items from the dirty laundry basket as well to sleep with.  Not as funny.  I'm thinking I may have to move that basket out of his room.

But oh wait, there's more....

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