Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beach Pictures! Part 2

Hah, so here are the rest of the pictures from our August beach trip finally!  Enjoy!

Starring out so longingly.  He was more ready to go in the water than we were.

So ready in fact that we had to keep a grip on him or he would have walked right out into waves above his head.

He absolutely LOVED splashing in the water.

And I absolutely LOVE this boy.

"Would you kindly stop taking my picture, Mama?"

I love that I have a ton of pictures of him looking like he was taking right off into the  water.  He would run towards the waves, arms trailing behind him, take a little jump and then fling his fist fulls of sand into the "osha".  :)

Daddy made him a little mini swimming pool that he sat in for a while to watch the waves.

Okay, played in really.

Can you see his little raised eyebrow goofy look at you?  He'll give me that look sometimes like, "Mom, are you serious?"

We found a hole.  A perfect sized hole that someone else had made and abandoned.

So of course we must investigate.

And of course try and fit inside the hole.

He was so intrigued with trying to get in the hole.

"I made it Mama!  I'm in the hole!"

But then he got stuck and couldn't get out.

I think he was worried we weren't going to pull him out.   Lucky for him, we love him just enough to retrieve him from a hole at the beach and take him home with us. ;-)

Family Picture time!

Charlie will still almost constantly talk about the "beetths" and the "osha" even though it's been a month since our trip.  He's been to the beach before, in fact once earlier this summer in May even, but this trip appears to really have left an indelible mark on his little memory.  We totally can't wait to take him back to the beach again next year!

Happy beach times everybody!
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