Saturday, September 24, 2011

How much do you love bums?

In this house we love bums a lot.  Specifically Daddy's bums.  Oh wait, you thought I was actually talking about bums as in heinys!  Heehee.  

I'm talking about Daddy's buns!  Oh wait, I just realized that's not any better.

Buns!  As in what you put your veggie burgers on!  ;-)  

But in this house, we still do have an obsession with Daddy's buns - or actually just any bread that Daddy consumes.  We were at the grocery store  a couple days ago, and as soon as I put the buns in the cart, Charlie starts squealing "Dah-dee, Dah-deeee".  I knew he wouldn't rest until I let him hold the buns, so I ask him if he wants to hold Daddy's buns.

"YESSTH!!!!"  came the reply.

And all throughout the rest of the store he starts chanting "bumms, buumz, ohh Dah-deee BUUMSS...."

Yes all you onlookers, my son is obsessed with his Daddy's buns.

It was definitely one of those mom moments spent in half amusement and half embarrassment.  

See how excited he is to hold the "bums"?

He loves to turn them over and examine them.

Or take them for a spin on his little push cart.

Do you love your bums?  :)
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