Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quiet times and a SWEET giveaway I found!

Not quiet times over here at the house, but quiet times on the blog right now.  I'm trying to manage taking care of my toddler, get a solid exercise routine going 5-6 days a week (something I've never been able to do), hold down the fort with my husband working so much, and take on extra students.  The extra students being a super big blessing right now, while our income is lower, but also taking more of my "free/blogging" time away - as to be expected.

So, less blogging.

But there is another great giveaway going on, happening over at Raw Juice Girl's blog, Healing with Raw Juices. The giveaway will have 4 winners, so I'm really really hoping and crossing my fingers I might be one of them this time.  Never yet won a giveaway.  This would be a great one to win.

Oh.  What is being given away?  Good question.  NuNaturals Stevia products!  Specifically a 50ct box of powdered stevia packets, and a 2oz bottle of Vanilla flavored liquid stevia.  What is stevia?  Only an awesome little natural, sugar-less, herbal sweetener that makes a great addition to just about anything you need sweetened - oatmeal, coffee, baked goods, lemonade, smoothies, etc.

So if you are in the mood to try some herbal sweetener in your life in place of sugar, head on over to Raw Juice Girl and enter the giveaway!  Deadline is Thursday September 22, so you have some time, but don't delay too much!

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