Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I finally won a giveaway!!!

Let's all take a moment and marvel at the fact that I FINALLY WON A GIVEAWAY!!  I can't even remember the last time I entered a giveaway contest and won something.  Maybe never.  I really can't remember ever receiving anything.

But that all changed when I won this giveaway!

I was really excited to win this giveaway since these are items that I actively use or that I know I will have a bunch of fun trying out.

We currently use the NuStevia Powder sweetener in small amounts in our morning oatmeal.

The Vanilla Stevia liquid is something that I can't wait to try in coffee, oatmeal, maybe the occasional iced coffee treat (not now that we're approaching winter though - that will have to wait till summer), and things like that.

The More Fiber Baking Blend was an extra bonus the company threw in, not part of the giveaway, and was not something I'm familiar with.  Apparently it will give me more fiber and I can use it in baking as a sweetener.  Great!  I've been looking for some other sweetener options in William's morning breakfast bakes other than just straight up banana.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think he really minds if every. single. bake. is flavored with banana. and. nothing. else.  But I like to experiment with healthier sweeteners anyways, knowing that even though I personally don't consume a lot of baked goods, I'm sure that one day I will end up incorporating a bit more baking back into our diet for our children.  So this is great that I get a chance to experiment with it!

So what is stevia?  Stevia is an natural herbal sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar, much lower in carbohydrates and has negligable effect on blood glucose levels, making it a great sweetener for diabetics and other carb-controlled diets.  I love that I can add 1/4-1/2 tsp of it to my morning bowl of oats and get way more sweet bang for my buck than I could with the same amount of processed white sugar, plus I'm not putting those extra calories in my body.

So, am I excited about my first giveaway win??  Totally.  :-D

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