Friday, October 7, 2011

Posting in high school note style...sort of

AKA Now you can see my desperation when the internet goes....

Our internet has been going out a lot lately. A LOT.  The TWC guy was here again yesterday, for the 3rd time in the last week.  Sheesh!  I feel like my internet time, blogging especially has been spotty at best.  Just for kicks, here is a post I wrote a week ago last Wednesday, in my first day of internet withdrawal phase.  Ha.  There is actually some useful Charlie tidbits in there too if you can dig deep enough.


12:53pm Our internet is down.  It has been since early this morning.  At this point I have gone 5 hours without internet.  How am I typing this?  Well I’m doing the good old fashion type-it-up-in-Word-and-publish-later thing.  It reminds me of high school actually.  The very few times that I actually wrote notes in class…

yes I was THAT girl who didn’t pass notes – infact I TOOK notes – didn’t talk during class, and generally paid attention and would have been considered all around a teacher’s pet

…the very few times I wrote notes, it was actually something from the day I wanted to record before I had forgotten it or an email I wanted to write before my thoughts escaped me.  Then I would type up the couple of paragraphs later in an email or journal or whatever and there you have it.  Exactly what I’m doing right now, except that was paper to email, and this is MSWord to blog.  Blogging and saving for later.  The only reason I’m doing this is I have a couple spare, Charlie-free minutes, and I wanted to make note of some of the things he’s been saying lately.

Oh yea, how is life with no internet?  Bizarre.  And uncomfortable.  Not unmanageable, but uncomfortable.  I know I’m addicted to the interwebs, but it’s a little alarming to feel so unsettled when it’s not available.

Anyways, I feel like Charlie’s verbal skills have just taken off recently and I need to record some of it before I forget.  He’s starting to string words together to form phrases, and his vocabulary is just growing by leaps and bounds.

In the car the other day we were talking about all the people we knew and loved – which is essentially me rattling off names and asking Charlie if he loved them and him going “Yessth!”  - and out of the blue he just says “Uncka Sah-meee!!”  That was the first time he had ever paired the “uncle” title with any of his uncles’ names in an understandable-by-a-stranger kind of way.  (So Sam, you should feel mighty fine as the first.)

“Oh-keeee” is his latest go-to word and I hear it all day long.  Do you want to go to the park?  “Ohh-keee!”  Can you go get E-O?  “Ohh-keee!”  Do you want apple sauce?  “Ohhh-KEEEE!!”  Okay has pretty much become synonymous with “yes” which I’m pretty sure is a bad thing, but it’s so cute right now I can’t reform the usage just yet.

"Eeee-meean."  Every time after praying, we hear a resounding “Eeee-meean!” from the high chair.  He has even started saying it in church whenever he hears the pastor say it, which is alternately incredibly adorable and touching, and slightly embarrassing as well when it happens so much.  He has started singing the “Amen chorus” with us at the end of service.  It’s not in tune and the rhythm is pretty out there, but he’ll sing “Eee-meean” over and over again just like we do.  That’s another Mama Moment for me.

Last night after bath time and a clean diaper were on, I told him he could go play for a little while because he was all done now.  He scrambled right up and said “Aaalll dum” which is the first time he’s attempted that phrase, and the first time he’s of his own accord just repeated something I said without me prompting. 

“I sorry” is what he had to say after he had gotten into something he wasn’t supposed to.

“Gah-gee” has morphed into “Gam-my” which I assume will one day finally morph into “Grammy”.  Maybe.  One day.  If we can just get those Rs.

There are a plethora of telephone conversations in our house now and not a half are done by me.  Here’s a sampling of any of the 20 conversations you’ll here in any given day: 

“Oh, hii, Saah-mee, uummm oh-keee, noo noo, umm ohkeee, bye.”

“Hiiiii-eeee Uncka, Ee-um, Sin-nee, Rooorr-eee, byee.”  (Those are all people, btw, not made up words.)

“Hi.  Hi.  Hiii.  Um, yessth.  Umm yessth.  Oh-KEEEE!  Bye.”

Quite frankly I’m a little mortified that that’s what I sound like on the phone and how my son perceives my conversations.

One of my faves is when he points to the little indentation below my nose and above my lip and says "foom-ball" which sounds a lot closer to "foot ball" than it does "philtrum", which is the technical term for that little crevice above your lip and below your nose.  FYI.  In case you didn't know that.  My two year old does.  He also knows where your nostril is, but can't say that worth a flip.

"Fohmbot" is what Charlie keeps asking to watch on TV.  He loves the movie “Robots” and would happily watch it any time I let him.  By the way, do you know what “Fohmbots” say?  Charlie does.  “Beep, beep, beep!”

6:01pm still without internet.  Gone nearly 12 hours without it.  Driving me up the wall.  And feeling even more pathetic because of it. 

On a good note, I still managed to muddle through my workout before Charlie gets home, even though my workouts are all internet based, and I was having a hard time remembering the whole thing.  Maybe I made up a couple of those exercises, but who cares.  My face is still red and sweaty and I still stink, so I think it counts as a workout.

Now it’s time to get some dinner and clean up the kitchen a bit before the Charlie-man gets home.

8:01pm I was able to gank some internet from a neighbor for just a couple minutes before it went away.  But now it’s gone again and I’m left typing in my Word doc and cleaning up the kitchen.

9:22pm.  I feel like I am officially losing my mind.  I want to get on the internet to check a recipe for tomorrow’s breakfast!  Nope.  No can do.  I like the ease of pulling up recipes from the internet and not having to copy them off by hand, but oh today has left me wondering what would happen if I lost my internet for multiple days in a row.  Probably half my recipes are stowed somewhere on the internet.  I am a little lost puppy who keeps trying the same thing over and over hoping that one time it will actually bring my internet back.  Going to bed.


In case you actually made it this far, now you can see how pathetic I am without internet.  I felt pretty guilty about that.  But at least you got to hear about Charlie's really adorable phone conversations. :)

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