Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Things...just for you.

10 things to catch you up on my life that is.

1. I think I inadvertently managed to teach my son how to say "good call!" tonight while building our usual duplo train tower.  Every time he put a brick down in a place that wasn't going to structurally weaken the wall, I said, "good call, Charlie!"  And after a while I noticed that every new brick he put on he would say, "goo cahh!"

2. A roach scampered across my living room floor tonight while I was doing my ab exercises.  On the floor. Not 2 feet from the roach.  Nothing like having some bicycles interrupted by a black flash, a screech and a mad leap into the air to grab a shoe.

3. I have tons of pictures that I want to share and things I want to blog about, but they stay unwritten for the time being.

4. I am addicted to Hummus Soup.  So.  Addicted.

5. I will in fact share the hummus soup recipe with you all one day.  Eventually.  When I actually get around to doing a real post.

6. I get to visit a dear friend tomorrow, which I am totally psyched about.  What I'm not psyched about is the 3 hour road trip with my toddler in the car, all by myself, during NON-NAPTIME HOURS.

7. I have discovered Pinterest, and the little girl inside who once used to cut up magazines and save all the favorite pictures and clippings in folders and boxes is running around inside a candy store.  A virtual one that is.  Filled with pictures, not candy.  But there are lots of pictures of candy.  You seriously have no idea how much my inner magazine cutting, favorite picture clipping little girl is coming out.  The best part is - NO EXTRA CLUTTER IN MY HOUSE!

8. I shouldn't be up this late, but I'm waiting on cloth diapers to finish washing so I can pop them in the dryer.

9. I really just want to get my hair cut again. (I know! Really?)  Who would have ever thought this long haired child would become a short hair junkie.  (Btw, the inspiration was a Pinterest picture.  Don't hate me!)

10. I have finally bought a winter coat.  The first one in YEARS.  You have no idea how excited I am at the prospect of not feeling cold all winter this time.

That's all you get for now.  And the dryer is done.  So I'm off to bed.  :)

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