Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh the things that prompt us to post

I have about a billion and one other things that I would rather post about and that would be more enjoyable I think.  And yet when the stress and the business of life takes over, what do I post about?

1.  The coffee in my hand.  I don't normally drink morning coffee, except Sunday mornings.  I think this might become a staple in my life for the next 2 weeks.

2.  The utter exhaustion and stress I feel at the moment, prompting this cup of coffee.

3.  How much easier it is to clean out someone else's house and order people about, even if it does mean you stay up till midnight working.  Not to mention it's an incredible distraction from the more pressing issues at hand, like....

4.  The prospect of my husband finally nearing a "see-able" end in his PhD work, and the ramifications of that.

5.  Said ramifications include being offered a fantastic job position, with people he would love to work for, in an incredible work environment - ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY IN SEATTLE.

6. I can become an extra on GA if I live in Seattle right?

7.  How do you weigh the tangibles v. the intangibles?  They're intangible after all.

8.  The 6 hour red eye flight we are probably catching TOMORROW evening to fly out to Seattle and check things out.

9.  The sorrow we feel at even considering leaving family.  How do I tell Charlie he won't go to Grammy and Grandma's house every week anymore if we move?  (Enter the broken mama's heart.)

10.  The relief I find at knowing that God has us and our life in His hands, and we WILL be okay - even if I don't feel it all the time, or remember it all the time, or have a clear idea of what to do yet.  He orders our steps, for which I am eternally grateful, because if this decision were totally up to me, I would REALLY live in fear of botching up my life.

11.  The empty cup of coffee in my hand that I am contemplating refilling already.  Someone told me they unexpectedly became a coffee snob after moving to Seattle?  Would I exchange my dried-chickpea-over-canned snobbery in favor of coffee snobbery?

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