Friday, February 10, 2012

Do you have a mustard pusher in your house?

Found this post in my drafts folder, sadly tucked away and somehow unpublished.  Since mustard pushing was so important in our lives for so many weeks, I decided I'd go ahead and share it, even if this was back in October. :-P

Charlie has long been obsessed with all the mustard bottles in our house.  It doesn't so much have to do with eating the mustard on every food item on his plate (in fact that phase is almost completely gone).  It has to do with him obsessing over having to have all 4 bottles out on the table when we eat, and him having to be the one to pull all 4 bottles out of the fridge, by himself, at the same time.  Which almost never works and then never fails to result in frustration and tears.  It has to do with his desire to pull the mustard bottles out at random times and tote them around the house on his little push cart.  

He is my little Mustard Pusher.  Whatever that is, he's that.

The hummus got lucky and got to go along for the ride this time too.

Mustard pushing can be very intense.  He (ahem) WE take it very seriously.

Lean into it son - mustard pushing can be hard work sometimes.

So hard sometimes you just have to pull it instead.

There he goes around the corner.

We love mustard pushing!

But sometimes mustard pushers get distracted... staring at their own awesome reflection.

Organizational strategy is also key.  See, we DO take mustard pushing seriously in this house.

I'm bracing myself for the day when I find a moldy mustard bottle under the living room chair that's long been forgotten from one of the mustard pushing escapades.

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