Thursday, September 20, 2012

38 weeks!

How do I say this?  Today is the first day where I don't feel anxious to just go ahead and have this little boy come.  Um....  Today is the first day where I bodily feel content to still be pregnant.


38 weeks and 2 days!
For those that missed that post a couple days ago that detailed my run in with an overly stuffed grocery bag and the nearly gut wrenching pain my lower right back has been in, just know that for the last month I have been in agonizing lower back pain.

And today for the first time, I have been limping around out of habit and not out of pain.  :-D !!!!!!!

My chiropractor finally was like, "you need to go back on active care and get in here several times in a row."  I was in so much pain that I readily agreed and was accordingly told to get in there 3 times last week and 3 times this week (and who knows what in the future).  Finally after having 5 adjustments fairly successively in a row, my excruciating back pain is lessening.

People, I cannot tell you how amazing that feels.  My wallet could tell you how amazing that feels though given how much I've spent at the chiropractor in the last week and a half.  But let me just assure you that while it stings ever so much the thought of spending a chunk of money at the chiropractor day after day (and I realize I am SO blessed to be able to do that anyways), I have to admit that it has drastically improved my pain, my mood, and my outlook.

So getting back to the whole anxious baby arrival thing?  I have been in so much pain for the last month that all I could think about was getting un-pregnant for the sake of letting my back recover.  Not going into labor so I could hold my bundle of joy. Not the excitement of getting to meet little baby brother and cuddle him like I do his older brother.  Not even because I was tired of pregnancy aches and pains.  I was in So. Much. Pain. from the lower back injury (exacerbated by being pregnant), that all I could do was think of myself and how much I desperately wanted - needed - to have this baby as early as possible just to stop the pain.

And you know what.  Today is the first day in a long time where I've been content to be pregnant and to continue to let this little one bake as long as he needs to.  Today I'm enjoying knowing he is safe in my belly still and I don't have to worry about the host of things in life that will bombard him once he is out.  Today, in spite of normal pregnancy aches and pains, I feel as though I move about the house easily and pain-free simply because I don't have the near debilitating pain in my lower back.

Today I love being pregnant, love this little one and limp out of a protective habit not because it is actually needed today.

Now goodness knows tonight I could sleep on my back wrong again, or twist a little too much and sneeze at the same time and cause that one spot to slip back out of it's so gingerly aligned correct placement today.  

But that is tonight or tomorrow, and today is right now.  Right now I'm so grateful God has blessed me with some refreshing enjoyment of being pregnant.  Grateful that I don't have to wish for this baby's arrival simply because I'm in so much pain.  Grateful that I can look forward to snuggling him and kissing him and loving on him.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -

Any day now baby bro!

But today there is no rush if you need a little more cooking time.  ;-)

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