Friday, March 25, 2011

Before and After

Rumor has it I cut off some hair.  Rumor is right.  17 inches to be exact, all gone for Locks of Love.  It took me a while to post pictures here because it really took me a while to adjust to the style and get a good picture I liked.  Having 17 inches whacked off is the biggest change I've ever had.  And while I knew that the hair cut was a good one, and even looked good on me, it wasn't quite how I envisioned it would be in my head - therefore it was wrong.   Haha.  Don't you love how just because something isn't what you picture, it's "wrong", even though everyone says it's super cute and fits your face?  (Yea I didn't even want to leave the house the next day because I just knew I looked weird and funny and everyone at the grocery store would just know it. :-P )  I admit to being a bit of a ridiculous girl that day.  So here are some before and after shots so you can see the new 'do.


(I realized after taking these photos that that side of the kitchen is just a terrible back drop, yet I always generally stand that way so the kitchen sink and dishes are always a perpetual part of my pictures.  I wised up for some of my after shots.)


The "after" shots don't actually fully illustrate what my hair is like since I went back a week later to have them clean some things up and alter the back some.  When I get some good pictures of that 'do I'll post them.

What do you think?  It's definitely the most gutsy cut I've done (meaning I never take risks and completely alter my hair, even when I have done LL cuts before).

Sonny definitely eye'd me all funny the first time he saw me after the cut, like "I really can't be sure that's my mama, despite the voice being the same.  Should I really be getting into the car with this lady?"

And on NUMEROUS occasions that boy has been asked if he likes mama's new haircut, and every single time a cute little high-pitched "no!" has popped out of his mouth.  He is fully capable of saying "yeth" and "no" and doesn't particularly favor "no" as a routine answer.  He couldn't possibly actually understand the question and being expressing his opinion...right?

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