Saturday, March 26, 2011

His robot taggie

I love this picture of my little monkey.  I should know never to get him up from his nap without my camera in tow, because I've missed so many priceless shots.  I'm glad I had the camera with me today.

The super adorable robot taggie that is bunched up beside him was made by EMMAgination's Creations and I LOVE it!  Jessica makes all sorts of fabulous crafty things, particularly related to babies, and has a little girl Emma, who is several months younger than Charlie.  When I saw that Jessica had this robot fabric, I immediately commissioned her to make a robot taggie for Charlie.  We're a little partial to robots in this house. :)  The taggie has super soft minky fabric on the back and great little ribbon "taggies" sewn all around the edge of the blanket that are good for little fingers to hold onto.  It's machine washable, which I'm discovering is rarer and rarer these days.  (I hate every time I pick up a cute plush toy and read "surface wipe only"!  Ugh!)  And most of all I love the bright, fun colored robots!  You can wander on over to her facebook page to take a peak at the adorable things she offers and pictures of her little girl modeling some of them. 

We love our little taggie Jessica!


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