Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whole Foods splurge #2

Cedar's All Natural Garden Vegetable Hommus.

Didn't love it.

I guess with "vegetable" in the name, I should have expected pieces of crunchy veggie in my hummus, but I didn't.  Instead I was expecting a creamy hummus with a nice vegetable-y flavor.   Not so.  The hummus itself was super smooth and creamy as always, but the flavor of the hummus was not so grand, and I wasn't digging the little chunks of carrots and peppers in there.  Chunky hummus is also a downside for us because since Charlie is still having trouble with eating properly, we can't give him any food that's chunky or textured, only pureed.  This meant that poor Charlie couldn't partake of Mommy's new hummus and had to stick with his normal hummus.

But, obviously if you don't have a child with dysphagia or if you don't mind a chunkier texture, this might be for you.

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