Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whole Foods splurge

Yesterday I went to check out the new Whole Foods that opened up about 7 minutes from our house. Whoooo, let me just say it was a MAD HOUSE!!  I know grocery shopping on Saturdays is a mad house anyways, but combine with the recent opening of this place made it just CRAZY!!  Let me just say it was like a dream come true.  It was amazing.  It looked fabulous and all the food was so tempting.  I don't regularly shop at Whole Foods as our budget barely work for us in good old Kroger.  But I do get some bulk goods there, and some exotic foods that aren't normally found at the grocery store - like the coconut vinegar I was after yesterday that I got home and found out DOESN'T REMOTELY TASTE LIKE COCONUT!

Who'd have thunk.

Well, I should have given that it's a VINEGAR and since when does any flavor of vinegar I have in my pantry actually have a non-vinegary taste!  But I didn't, and so when the bottle itself specifically stated "does not have a coconutty flavor" my jaw just about dropped as I felt pretty duped.  But the recipe I got it for still tasted great and the person who gave me the recipe concurred that coconut vinegar tastes nothing like coconut.  I'll tell you about the recipe in another post.

Anyways, they were giving out tons of free samples, and I sampled some fabulous hummus flavors while I was there.  Normally I never buy premade hummus due to the cost and the fact that I can control ingredients when I make it.  But these flavors were SO good, they are ones that I haven't perfected at home yet, and MOST importantly, they were HALF OFF.  That last one was really the clincher.  Mostly our budget just can NOT support our hummus habit.  But half off lured me in to try these flavors and I'm so glad I got them.

Charlie and I got home and I started to unload cold stuff in the fridge and this is what I came back into the hall to find.

The leaning tower of hummus - minus the leaning.
Charlie had diligently raided the rest of my grocery bag, pulled out the hummus and neatly stacked them by the door.  He's BIG into stacking right now.  I was so proud of him for his accomplishment, but then I made the mistake of attempting to get them in the fridge.  I knew better than to just haul them all away as he'd probably start screaming that I destroyed his precious creation, so I tried to make a game out of it by handing him one and telling him we have to put it in the fridge.  (He's big on the taking things one by one and putting them where they belong too - like rocks in an empty can or pieces of minuscule dirt in a pile or little pieces of dropped kale into the trash.)  Alas that was a no-go as well.  As soon as I took the first hummus container off the stack, he about went ballistic!  Nothing could be worse in that moment than destroying the hummus tower.  So the hummus had to stay put while I hauled him off to an overdue nap time.

Oh the tragedy that is a destroyed creation.  Let that one sink in for a bit folks....

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