Saturday, March 19, 2011

What did you have for lunch today? (Or dinner last night...)

I had a HUGE fresh salad and it was MAH-velous dahling.

Admittedly our fresh salads over the last couple months have sadly been few and far between.  Why?  Lots of reasons.  I had gotten mildly burned out on salads from my insane salad days of the summer and fall.  When it's cold outside I crave soups and hate having to shove my hands under icy cold water to wash veggies.  And probably mostly because the produce at our local store had taken quite a hit from extra harsh conditions up north apparently.   Things were a little bleak in the lettuce/cabbage/broccoli area especially.   So we had been doing a lot of bean/veggie soups and I was getting a lot of smoothies, which I wasn't needing/using lettuces, cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, etc, for.

But yesterday I walked into my Kroger and BEHOLD!  Lots of lovely looking lettuces and green things!  (With a slight escalation in price, but not enough to deter me.)  I bought two large heads of green leaf lettuce and went back today for a third.  I had the delicious salad below last night for dinner AND today for lunch.  That's a 7 cup pyrex bowl, fyi, and I loaded it up with leaf lettuce, zucchini, tomato, carrot, green bell pepper, and some left over orange bell pepper.

I added a nice large dollop of homemade hummus and a slurry of balsamic vinegar and I was set!  It's SO good.  I have missed fresh salads a lot!  I know my husband has, so we are definitely going to have a nice large salad either tonight for dinner or tomorrow for lunch.  Whichever meal we don't have the salads will be fresh, homemade tabouli!  Mmm... both of us have been craving that too!

Sometime soon I'm going to try this dressing right here.  I love reading Kristen's blog and all her recipes, and now that I finally have made a homemade nut butter (I'll post a picture later), I plan on whipping this thing up.

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