Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Charlie-Tube

We are finally getting rid of the monster entertainment center that we have (which didn't even really work with what we had, but was free - so who can complain).  So we cleaned it out, took pictures and posted it on craigslist.  Although who are we kidding?  Who wants an amoire sized thing that's made to house those really huge, back-in-the-day, boxy TVs?  We didn't, and we even had it for free!  So we bought a very cheap, short little dresser to put our TV on and out went the monster.  Except by "out" I mean it's still in the middle of our den floor waiting, fingers crossed, for someone to buy it.  And so in the mean time Charlie decided he wanted to be the entertainment for the night.

Enter, Charlie-vision, for our viewing pleasure:

Hey guys, I'm your new TV!

This big box is kind of in my way.

Hahaha, I'm so funny!

What IS this thing?  I can't share the stage!

It's so heavy, I can't move it!!

Whoa, that's a long way down....

Yes, unfortunately this trend has continued with him wanting to get back up in the entertainment center at various intervals.  I will be glad when it has left our den floor.  

But it was SO cute to watch.  He was pleased as punch to be up there for us to stare and laugh at. :-D


  1. So cute!! Did that entertainment center used to belong to the Reeder family? It IS huge; do hope you find a buyer for it. In the meantime, keep taking those pics....but do remember that subsequent babies will wonder *why* there are so many of the oldest and so incrementally fewer of the siblings who follow :))
    FUN times!!
    Oh, miss you guys too!
    Amanda (even though it says from Chris!:))

  2. Thanks! Actually that entertainment center came from a friend of William's who was getting rid of it. It came to us free and we were so grateful for it, but we are glad to send it on it's way now. :) I do hope it sells soon as it is STILL in the middle of our den.

    Sometimes I feel like there aren't that many pictures of Charlie, so that doesn't bode well for subsequent children if there's generally fewer and fewer! Miss you all too!