Friday, March 4, 2011


I just tucked Charlie in for his morning nap, and normally we have a night-night ritual of a couple high fives before bed.  Today I let Charlie have two books in bed with him for night-night - one of which he promptly opened and started reading while lying on his back.  I asked him for a high five and without missing a beat, he held up his right hand, though still thoroughly engrossed in the book, let me do the high fiving, and then retracted it quickly to hold his book again.

I felt a little cheated.  Cheated out of my enthusiastic high five, for instead an absent minded passing nod of "oh yea, I guess we have this high five thing we do, but it's an inconvenience to me while reading, but I'll humor Mom anyway".

Oh the little things here and there of motherhood.  I'm sure if this bookwormishness of his continues, this will be just the first of many other such moments.

Reading a favorite Pigeon book

But oh how glad I am that he loves books so much.  :-)


  1. Oh how adorable! I love when they are their own person! :)

    I have to make more time to read throughout the day to my kids, I was just thinking about this. Sometimes I am so busy but when we do sit there and read, it feels so good.

  2. Thanks! Charlie and I love reading. Especially books with puppy dogs in them. :)