Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Newest Hairs

So here are the updated pics of my hairdo.  I am LOVING my hair now!  I really thought I would like short hair, so I'm glad to see that with the corrected cut, I really do like it.  It's so much fun and funky all rolled into one!  Sometimes it's a little hard to get your punk look on when you have 17 inches of hair trailing down your back - okay a lot hard.  And somewhere inside of me I feel there is a little punk rocker who just needs to be let out every now and then.  No orange hair punk (although there are brief moments where I think it would be fun to go purple for a day or two), just a little punky, messed up style.  So here are the pics.

A little smoother in the back than normal but pretty much  my favorite way to wear my hair right now.

This how I normally like to wear it in the back - nice and tousled.

I LOVE that flowered headband.  Best Target find in years!

The first day of the cut - slightly tamer but I still love it. 

What do you think?  Better than the first cut?

If you are in the market for a Locks for Love cut and would like a nice salon to go to (they cut LL for free), OR just want to find a great new salon, I have a good recommendation. :)

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