Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And it continues to grow

I've pretty much almost completely officially decided to probably just let my hair grow out again.  Ha!  I've been mulling it over for a while now, usually waffling back and forth between keeping it short short over the summer and just letting it grow.  With such a short and styled initial hair cut, I quickly discovered what it's like to be a guy and "need" a hair cut every 4 weeks.  It was amazing how fast the cute short pixie morphed into something I liked much less, just because it had grown, what - A 1/4 INCH IN FOUR WEEKS?  I never understood that ritualistic monthly male hair cut phenomenon until now.

Anyways, after the first 3 weeks or so, it started being decidedly something I didn't want, so it threw me into the quandary of deciding between continual cutting or growing.  Given that I don't have a job that demands a chic, nicely trimmed 'do all the time, nor do we have an income right now to support $40 cuts every 4 weeks, much as it would have been fun to maintain the short hair for a while, I think it's just going to have to grow.  I mean I cut it for LL anyways, not specifically because I wanted to start permanently having a short 'do, so why not let it start growing again.  And I'm so much not a fan of the way my hair looks in this 6-12 weeks hair cut range, that I really don't want to keep getting short cuts every 3 months to stretch out the money, only to love my hair for 3 weeks and then desperately wish for a cut for the next 2 months. So I've been trying all sorts of different styles as the hair grows through it's awkward phases.  This is the latest one, which I have to say I'm kind of enjoying simply because you can see some of my forehead!!   I have missed seeing my dear forehead and eyebrows for the last two months!

But for the record, if it was in the budget, I would definitely keep the short monthly pixie cuts through the summer at least - I liked the hair cut that much. :)

(Ha!  Joke's on me.  I looked on my calendar and it actually hasn't even been quite 6 weeks since the initial cut yet, so I can't even imagine trying to stretch out to a cut every 12 weeks to save money.  I was ready for a trim at 3 weeks for sure.  Mind boggling how short hair cuts are so particular!)

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