Monday, May 2, 2011

May gets crazy and a little low-fat vegan link love

Things have been a little quiet over here on the blog front.  May tends to get that way.  Well, late April-early June tend to get crazy which means a little blog tends to get quiet. :)  I have a recital for my students coming up this weekend, my husband's middle bro is graduating the following weekend and then that following Monday morning we leave to go to the beach for a week with my family (with lots of other little things in between).  So blogging will probably be a little sparse - we'll see. :)

But in the mean time, I ran into this blog post this morning in my reader.  I've just started reading JLGoesVegan and am really enjoying it.  I like that by her own admission she is a high-fat vegan and but that as she ages, or for health reasons in general, eating a low-fat vegan diet might be advisable.  The guest poster is a low-fat vegan who has read and, from what I can tell, mostly follows Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman. :)  Which makes me happy since he's a favorite in our house.  It's just a refreshing post about how low-fat doesn't have to be tasteless, and how too much fat, even too much good for you fats (nuts, avocados, etc) can actually hinder you.  Like her, I notice that my tummy sits a little heavier and just slightly uncomfortable when I consume too much guacamole, nuts or nut butter.  I had a PB and banana sandwich for the first time yesterday (and LOVED it), but noticed that with the combination of bread (which I don't eat a lot of), and PB (which I rarely eat anymore and know is not technically a nut butter), my stomach was feeling very heavy.  I LOVE the taste of guac and nut butters, but vastly prefer the almost "lighter than air" feeling I have in my tummy after consuming a large salad with beans or bean based dressing/dip.

Anyways, I thought it was interesting.  What do you think?

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