Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coloring with Daddy!

We have just recently introduced Charlie to crayons.  He is enthralled!!  Not so much with coloring with them, but with taking them out and then carefully putting them back in the box.  With enough coaxing he will eventually get coloring done on a paper, but not without reminder to do it.  Silly kiddo.... :)  Here he is with Daddy coloring some pictures for his Grandma, Grammy and Nana.  He was a busy colorer that night.

"Let me get them, Daddy!"

Carefully studying the package.

One of the few times he colored instead of examining the box.

Holding the precious box.

Pointing at the precious box.

He was way more upset when we took the box away then when we took his paper away.

I can't believe he's old enough to color.

Seriously cheesin' it.

My favorite boys.  We like color time with Daddy.

It's funny, the vast majority of the pictures I got were of him looking or pointing intently at the crayon box, not coloring.  I told you he was more obsessed with the box and taking the crayons in and out.

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