Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dishwasher helper :)

Charlie has taken to helping me empty the dishwasher these days - no not actually all that helpful, but we are training early to be mama's helper, and that is really the important thing.  So he helps me with the silverware.  After I unload the bottom rack, I pull out the little stool and set the silverware caddy on it and let him pull out pieces to hand to me so I can put them in the drawer. :)  It's super cute.  And more than super cute, it's training him early that it's a normal part of life to help out around the house.  I don't want to suddenly spring the idea of chores on my 5 year old.  I want chores to be a part of my kids' everyday lives before they even realize it.  I don't want them to view it as chores (at least in the beginning), I just want them to view it as what they do to help mama. I hope I can accomplish that, or at least the idea that doing "chores" are a normal, expected part of being in a family!

Examining which piece to start with.

"Here's a fork for you, Mama."

"No wait, I don't want you to put that one away yet."

He's the cutest little dishwasher helper I've seen. :)

Any good recommendations for how to include your littlest ones in helping activities and transition in to real chores?

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