Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whole Foods Splurges # 3 and #4

Cedar's All Natural Roasted Baba Ghannouj


Cedar's All Natural Roasted Red Pepper Hommus.

These were the last two flavors of hummus I had tried from my WF's splurge a couple weeks ago (and actually the two I sampled in the store) so I felt pretty confident in my love for them when I opened my containers at home.  Well, sadly, the Baba Ghannouj ('Gah-noosh' - for those of you who aren't familiar with that word and have no idea how to pronounce it) was a disappointment.  I don't know if I was overly enchanted with it in the store or this batch was just slightly different.  I noticed in the ingredients that it contained chickpeas, which I think was partially to blame for my dislike of it.  Call me weird, but I can taste differences in even dried chickpeas (but especially canned v dried) when they are cooked up, and there is a certain flavor that sometimes appears in a bag of chickpeas that is most unpleasant to me.  And that flavor was in the baba ghannouj.  Whatever it was, it was not my cup-o-tea this time.

BUT, the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus did NOT disappoint.  This was was just as delicious from first bite to last.  So good in fact that I went back before the sale went off and picked up two more for a special occasion.  It's so creamy, just a little sweet and lots of flavor.  It made me want to experiment all over again with trying to make a good homemade roasted red pepper hummus.  It was so good and the best out of all 4 flavors that I took a picture of it, just cause it was the winner.  :) (The garlic lover's hummus came in second.)

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