Saturday, May 28, 2011

The stages of a headcold

I have a head cold.  Or maybe just a really bad reaction to dairy.  (Yes I had a little bit of dairy over a week ago in conjunction with beach travel and for the ease of it.)   Whether it's a head cold contracted at the beach, a bad reaction to the dairy, a head cold greatly exacerbated by the dairy, or a dairy reaction colliding head first 90miles an hour with a head cold, I know not.  But it's been plaguing me the entire beach trip and has continued up till today (and after I imagine).  That's 13 days for anyone that's not counting.

I feel like this congestion go around, either due to my reduced weight or my "generally" healthier body, I am noticing in more [agonizing] detail, all the phases of headcoldy-ness and their miseries.

....I just started to type out the different phases (I kid you not), and then suddenly thought why in the WORLD am I sharing disgusting details that no one wants to read about.  Seriously.  Who wants to hear about my insane tissue consumption, nasal passages, rest of the gory details.  I must be out of my mind to think that was appealing.

Lets just say that not only my whole nose area hurts on the outside from excessive tissue usage, but it hurts on the inside as well.  Not only that, but in the several hours that passed between the first two paragraph and these last several (yes that's right, I get interrupted when blogging), I think something akin to the flu has decided to jump on the ailment bandwagon.  I'm waiting to see if it actually turns out to be that.  But right now, I feel miserable head to toe. 


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