Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hat!

So after the bad mama went to the beach with a too small 6-12m hat for her 20m old, Aunt Tater stepped in to the rescue with a very very late birthday present for Charlie!!  (So late I totally had no idea she hadn't given him one.)  This is a super fabulous hat - in case you were unaware.  (Three of his cousins even have this hat.)  It is super size adjustable.  It's made of lightweight, fast drying material.  The brim has a thin layer of foam in it to help it float should it come off a head and land in a lake or something.  It has side vents for head cooling (something my little Sweaty Head really needs).  And oh yea, looks totally awesome.  Charlie now has a much more awesome hat than either of his parents.  He will now model it for you.

Didn't really want to pose.

He actually smiled when I said "smile"!!

Love that it has the chin strap to prevent it from blowing away .

He kept hitting his head going "Haa, Haa!"

Modeling the profile shot.

This was the other "smile Charlie!" shot.  Hehe.  

Thanks Aunt Tater for the totally awesome hat!!  :-D

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