Friday, May 27, 2011

Beach Pictures! Part 1

For the last 4 years my entire family (Mom, Dad, us 5 girls and all of our families) have done a big family beach trip in the summer.  For those that can't keep count or don't know, that's 22 people.  together.  under the same roof. in a house that borderlines too small (okay, IS too small).  for a week more or less.

It's unbelievable.  In so many ways.  :)  And yes stresses come with that number of people on one roof for that long, but a lot of good times as well.  So here is the start of the beach pictures and the good times. :)  I'd love to say that I really have a lot of fabulous ones (I do have some), but honestly, Charlie's face was glued downwards at the sand most of the time, so my good face shots are few and far between.  In no particular order.

Charlie with his biggest boy cousin, James.  Charlie did a lot of digging with James.

Charlie and the too small hat.  The story of the mama who didn't come  prepared.  But oh that just got remedied today as you'll soon see.

He was all about smashing the castles that James made for him.

Yea he's a destroyer.  He loved it.

More digging with James.

I think he had just gotten some water splashed in the face.

That's Conal in the back ground, Charlie's 2 month older cousin.  I just love that he's holding a large shovel and is like "don't mess with me".

Probably the best picture I captured at the beach.  Love him.

No not the ocean.  The big pit was part of a fort that was dug out by two  uncles with shovels.  Charlie and Conal had a ball playing in it.  When the Baughmans go to the beach to build in the sand, we get serious about our forts.

L-R: my sister Julie, her daughter Anna, and my sister Carrie, enjoying some nice sun.

More James with Conal and Charlie.  James was great with the little guys.  We were so grateful.

Playing in the sand is so much better with two.

I've got some more pictures coming, so stay tuned!

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