Thursday, June 9, 2011

My current salad of choice

Here's what I'm eating a lot of these days.  

It's super simple and easy.  

Washed and chopped green leaf lettuce 
chopped tomato
chopped cucumber (if you have it)
a generous grating of freshly cracked black pepper
a large dollop of homemade hummus
a splash or two of my latest super easy dressing

This is pretty quick to prepare (assuming you have your hummus already made up, and maybe even your Zing Pizazz dressing as well) and a little less expensive than a salad with loads of different veggies.  Not that I don't love having a salad dressed to the nines with all sorts of veggies, but sometimes you have to go a little simpler and a little less expensive when you are watching the dollars.  Also, I've gotten on to a really big green leaf lettuce kick now, ever since my grocery store raised the price of romaine lettuce, making it more expensive than green leaf.  

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