Friday, August 5, 2011

Flax eggs

I just realized I posted a recipe that used a flax egg, and I didn't even explain what a flax egg was!

A flax egg is super simple.

1 Tbsp flaxmeal (ground up flax seed)
3 Tbsp water

Stir well and let sit for several minutes to thicken up.  Once it thickens it has a consistency remarkably like an egg.  You can use it in baking just like you would a regular egg.

Flax Egg

It's hard to tell, but it's thickened up to a nice egg like consistency.

Why would I want to use a flax egg? 

If you are vegan and avoiding all animal products you would obviously want to use a flax egg instead of a regular one.

If you were looking for an extra dose of healthy essential fatty acids (EFAs), flax is a GREAT way to do that!  It also contains fiber, which eggs do not.

If you have allergies to eggs.

If you were trying to watch your cholesterol, flax is a great substitute for egg.  1 large egg has 70% of your RDA of cholesterol, which means 2 eggs for breakfast already puts you past your RDA of cholesterol.  Whereas a flax egg has 0 cholesterol and half the calories that a regular egg does.

Obviously you can't scramble up two flax eggs like you can regular eggs.  But for baking, flax away!!  :-D

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