Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spider Boys

I went over to my sister's house again today for the morning (the sister who just had a baby).  My job was to keep an eye on the boys - the youngest in particular who has an uncanny knack doing the most outrageous and terrifying things (oh yea, he's two) .  I took advantage of that time to snap some fun pictures!  Turns out that Charlie and Conal both had on spider man shirts, and Liam obliged by putting one on too, just so that I could snap some spider boy pictures.  :)

Usually the boys look a lot like twins.  I think Conal's longer hair was throwing it off.

Conal cheezin' it up for the camera. :)

LOVE IT!  I love that Charlie and Liam match.  I love that Liam decided on his own to put his arm around Charlie.  I love their expressions. 

Hehehe!  Those boys are awesome!


Aiden, the older brother not pictured, had the bright idea to have them all lay down under his spider man bedspread.  I was skeptical the boys would pose again, but I think it worked out pretty well.

Conal catching a sideways glance to make sure the others are behaving.

So hard to get all 3 smiling at once.

Where'd Liam go?

"HERE I AM!!"  Conal does not look impressed.

I had a blast taking pictures of these boys.  Cindy got a shower.  And no one got in any trouble that morning. (At least not serious.)  ;-)

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