Thursday, August 11, 2011

What did you have for dinner?: The leftover edition

Husband wasn't home tonight, there was already plenty of food in the kitchen - that means NO COOKING!  Hehehee.  I do love to cook.  Really.  But you have to admit, some nights, it's just a relief when you don't have to dirty up the kitchen.  Besides, no cooking meant I had time to do working out during at the end of Charlie's nap and then went for a light jog when he got up.  Whee!  So good for me.  I've started doing some Body Rock workouts lately.  I'm not a huge fan of the wardrobe she sports, but the work outs are killer and I'm enjoying them immensely.  Then I popped Charlie in the jogger and went out and got turbo chased by the dinkiest little dog that Charlie even kept mistaking for a cat.  Fun times.

Oh.  But.  So.  Dinner.  Leftovers!

Actually half leftovers, half sauteed frozen veggies.

Here are my brussel sprouts looking fabulous!

And here are my vegan jambalaya leftovers!  (Not nearly so fabulous looking, but still very tasty.)

And here is my lovely dinner paired together.  Oh the sauteed brussels perk up the leftover jambalaya immensely!

Vegan jambalaya is actually super great and one of my faves, so don't let my love for the brussels and the lack luster enthusiasm for the jambalaya pictures deceive you.  Jambalaya just doesn't LOOK as appealing as those sprouts!  :)

Mmmm.  It was a good dinner. :-D

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