Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gratituesday: Baaa and Maaa

I love reading the Heavenly Homemakers blog, especially her Gratituesday posts.  I like the idea of taking the time to purposefully write about something you are thankful for and sharing it with others.  I'm so often tempted to feel ungrateful for so many things or to take for granted the things I should be so grateful for.  So I am going to do my best to join in the Gratituesday fun and share things that I'm thankful for.  Hopefully I'll start living in a little more constant state of gratefulness and realize just how many blessings I do have.

So here goes....

Just this fall my parents ("Baaa" and "Maaa" as Charlie calls Grandpa and Grandma) have started keeping Charlie, and two of his (close in age) cousins on Tuesdays for most of the day.  I am certainly grateful for the time that gives me away from my toddler, to breathe, to not be "mommy mommy mommmy" on call all day, and to zip around running errands at lightening speed while taking on projects in the house that are no fun to take on with a toddler underfoot.

But more than that I am so grateful that my parents get a chance to spend time with Charlie and watch him grow up.  I'm thankful that they are at a point in their lives and live close enough where they feel like that can make a weekly commitment like that to enjoy their grandsons.  All of my grandparents (and extended family of any kind) lived up in Ohio growing up, and so making the 12 hour trip once a year to visit people didn't provide for the kind of relationship building that weekly visits to Baaa and Maaa's house will for Charlie.  And Charlie LOVES getting to go over to see them and play at their house.  "Baaa" is particular favorite of Charlie's.  :)

And I'm grateful not just for grandparent relationships, but also cousin relationships.  Charlie has no siblings as of yet, so I'm grateful that every Tuesday he gets the sibling experience in the form of his cousins, who he enjoys playing with.  I'm grateful that he will know his cousins better than I ever knew any of my cousins, and hopefully will be great friends with them.

So there's my first Gratituesday post.

What are you thankful for?

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