Monday, September 5, 2011

How would you say these words if you were 2?

Before I forget this moment in time, I have to take a moment to share some of Charlie's new words that he's working on.  Partly because of the serious cuteness of listening to my son try and say these words, but also because of the weird diversity of them.  (And if I don't record them here I'm likely to forget them.)  I'm sure every toddler's vocabulary is pretty diverse depending on what they are around and what catches their eye, but I'm certainly partial to my own little guy's. ;-)

Mousse : Muuhtzz  (Pretty much sounds like an Italian (Okay Giada De Laurentiis is who I picture) saying "mozzarella")

Eyebrow : Aah-bouw

Guacamole : gwahky (he just became obsessed with it yesterday - we have a fan on our hands)

Quinoa : keeeeny  (for those of you who don't actually know how to pronounce quinoa to begin with, it's "keen-wah"

Liam : Lbbleh  (Liam is his cousin.  The name gets slaughtered pretty badly, but given that he won't even try some of the other cousin names, I'd say that's an honor, buddy.)

Motorcycle :  Mang-ge  (I'm not even really sure how to phonetically spell that one.  It's so weird.)

Megamind : Mang-ga-mah (yes he likes that movie)  :)

Uncle Chris : Uck-ah

Dijon : Djom (we currently have an obsession with all mustard bottles in our house)

(Worth noting: at this moment in time I am sitting outside with the laptop, while our son happily plays with the recycling, something I've wanted to do all summer, but the crazy heat and mosquitos have prevented that.  Yay coming of fall and less mosquitos!)

Grammy : Gaah-gee

Joshua and Emma : Dosh and Amma (some friends of ours)

Ocean : Ohh-ch

Beach : Beeetts

Elbow : oooh-boo

I feel like I'm missing a couple key words, but my mommy brain has lost them at the moment.

Charlie-man, I feel like you are growing up too fast, son.

How my son be handing me hair care products going "muuhtzz, muuhtzz" and asking to watch "Mang-ga-mah" already?

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