Saturday, September 3, 2011

More fun beach times! Part 1

This past weekend, just our little family of 3 was able to get away for a nice little beach weekend.  After we the hubby and I had had our nice relaxing beach weekend in July, we really did want to come back with Charlie.  We knew he would have a blast (which I think was an understatement!) and we didn't want to miss the fun times with our son.  And I have to say that it was one of the best weekends ever, just the three of us at the beach.

As a side note, I think part of the reason this vacation was so relaxing (even with a toddler involved), was because William and I had already had our really truly relaxing weekend beach trip in July.  We knew that this weekend was not about us getting to relax and do exactly what we wanted to do on our time, but it was about making memories for our son - running in and out of the ocean as many times as he wanted, and trudging back and forth with pails full of water, just so he could dump them out on the sand and get a kick out of it.  I mean I think it would have been a good weekend anyway, but I think it was awesome because we weren't trying to squeeze a grown up vacation in with a family vacation.  Make sense?  I know it won't always be like that, but it sure was nice this year. :)

William's mom/grandparents have a little trailer just right across the road from the beach, which made things super easy.  (Which I hear did weather out Hurricane Irene okay, thankfully.) We didn't stay out all day due to naps, sun and actually because Charlie would get cold as well.  It's pretty funny that my little heat box son actually would start shivering and shaking if we stayed out in the water too long.  I wish I'd had a camera out that far into the ocean to document the shivers (which are rare - except on the very freezing winter night right after hopping out of the bathtub).

Enough chatter and on to some pictures!

Playing in the sand.

He loved the sand.

Really loved it.

Love. Grins.  Giggles.

No really.

Except here.  He didn't love the sand after a face plant.

He also loved his little spot in the living room.  Perfect for eating, watching TV and playing with Uncle David's Legos.

Intense Lego concentration going on here.

He was so methodical about his Lego maneuvers.

Until he got sidetracked by the movie.


"Who YOU callin' crabby?"

Now he's just cheezin for the camera.

So far so good in the picture department, so I'm going to leave well enough alone and call it quits on Part 1 of the beach trip.  Be back later with Part 2 pictures. :-)

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