Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do you Bean?

Ah-HAH!  Motivation to blog AND time to blog actually coincide!!  Truthfully I don't know where to even start.  I have about a million posts rattling around in my head, and while a lot of the time the posts at least make it to draft form (even if they never make it to being published), this time they are just rattling in my head.

I've been focusing on getting my house cleaned up and a good system set up for keeping my house clean and decluttered.  I know one should have a clean house and a decluttered house, but I never really learned a good system for doing that.  I have been trying out FlyLady and her methods, and while I don't follow them 100% nor buy into everything she says, it's been a tremendous help in just trying out a system and learning that sometimes 15 minute bites can work wonders.  But has also been one of the reasons there has been no blogging.

But yah yah yah....  let's work backwards.  We'll start with the bean clock since I promised to post pictures of this anyways.

My friends, let me preface this by saying that my husband and I have a running joke in the house about all my "beaning" around.  What is beaning around?  Hah, everything I do according to my husband.

Bean  /bēn/

Verb, beaning.

1. Doing anything around the house associated with beans.

Infinitive, to bean.
1. To cook, soak, sort, rinse, play, eat, count, or do any number of other bean related activities.

My husband seems to think that I'm always doing something surrounding beans.  Soaking dried ones.  Cooking soaked ones.  Making bean soups.  Making bean dips.  Eating bean dips.  Eating plain beans.  Talking about new bean dips.  Playing dried beans with my son.  And really the one that happens the most - heaving a huge sigh in bed late at night, which is a dead giveaway to my husband that I've forgotten to soak the beans for tomorrow's something or other.  And then I shuffle out of bed, downstairs, and put my beans a soaking.

Ahh, I love my beans.  I really do.  Even at 10:47pm when I'm fumbling for my slippers in the cold, trudging downstairs.

So, when I found out that my fabulous brother in-law Sam, creative mind that he is, (aka the Bofa on the Sofa) gave me a one-of-a-kind-handmade bean clock for Christmas, I. FREAKED. OUT.

And because I am not IN THE LEAST BIT IN LOVE WITH THIS CLOCK, you will now see way too many pictures of me and my new time keeping device.

I can model it, right?


Twenty-three past a Painted Pony Bean?

I am not obsessed.


For those that can't tell what's going on here, every hour of the day is a different type of bean, AND the correct number of beans for the hour.  And for those who are really curious it starts at 12 noon and runs, Peas, Lima, Painted Pony, Grean Bean, Chickpea, Kidney, Green Chickpea, Black, Pinto, Cranberry, Yellow Split Pea, and Lentils.

So if in the course of your day you find us chatting away and ask me the time, please don't be alarmed if you hear "quarter past a kidney" or "chickpea thirty".  This will be normal.

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