Friday, March 30, 2012

12 weeks!

So I realize the first post I did was lies, all lies.  I was not 10 weeks.  I was 11.  You'd think I'd have that straight, but it's amazing what you do (or don't do...or remember) the second time around.  So this was supposed to have been posted last Tuesday (as in a week and a half ago).  I'm late.  But better late than never is my motto, since I didn't even have a camera during half of my first pregnancy due to an unfortunately windy day at the beach.  Sand, wind, you do the math.

Week 12
Week 12 is not my favorite picture, but that's okay because week 11 was awesome and I'm rockin' some cute pig tails in week 13, which will be posted shortly as well.

Weeks 10-12 have been really bizarre, including extreme fatigue, dizziness, weird tummy aches, light headedness and bizarre hearing issues.  But thankfully week 13 has perked up and is doing much better.  Snacking on plenty of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and lentils to make sure my iron levels stay okay.  They were a smidge low when I was feeling so badly.  But with the increased iron rich foods, I seem to be feeling much better.

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