Friday, March 30, 2012

13 weeks!

It's nice during pregnancy to have moments where you feel like you are rockin' the cute vibes.  I know those moments get fewer and farther between the bigger you get, so I'm enjoying them while they last.  And I do feel cute in this picture.  The pigtails really throw it over the edge.  Promise I'm not doing that on purpose.  My hair is just at a really weird length where the only way it looks good is pulled back and away and out of site.  And pigtails are easier than a ponytail.  So there.

13 Weeks!

Week 13 has been treating me much nicer than previous weeks.  I'm feeling good and trying to savor these early pregnancy moments before things get uncomfortable.  I'm also enjoying the fact that while I don't love running around right now and chasing my son, I can still totally do it.  One day he'll take off, and I'm just not sure how fast Mama will be able to follow.

Also with the dizziness almost entirely gone, I feel better about getting back into my exercising.  Between sickness and pregnancy, my entire workout routine got thrown to the wind.  But I'm slowly getting back into the groove.

I'm also feeling the urgency to get stuff done in the house.  With Hubby finally finishing up his PhD and getting a job, we have a list of things we'd like to do/overhaul/get rid of/organize in the house before baby comes, and I ALREADY feel the days ticking by way too fast.  Someone slow them down and let me get my house in order!!

Love you, baby.  (Whom Daddy is already convinced is a little girl, but Mama is not so sure about.)

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