Wednesday, April 18, 2012

16 weeks!

16 weeks saw the return of more energy and God's abundant grace.  (Not that God's grace was lacking before, but it was very clear this past week.) We've been doing a lot of "home improvement" things in the house now that William is home in the evenings, we have a paycheck again, and it's long overdue stuff that desperately needs to be done before the baby comes. And amazingly enough, I keep plugging away at it day after day and I haven't crashed yet. Even with some heavier lifting that truthfully my midwife would probably scowl at, I've managed to avoid a bad, exhausted, lay on the couch kind of day.  Which is really cool given my week 15 saw 2 of those days.  Today was the exception I mentioned in my last post about waking up great, and wanting to go to bed by 10am.

I've given up trying to decide if I actually look bigger each week.  Some days I feel huge and some days not.  Some days I look big and some days not.  (Big being relative at this point people.)  And some weeks I swear I look smaller than weeks before, but who really knows....

I keep waiting and hoping to feel the baby move soon, but no such luck.  Of course maybe that's cause I actually forget to pay attention at night when it's likely to happen, and at this stage, I think you still have to pay close attention to feel any movements.  So far any movement is just me gurgling around in there. :-P

Mama loves you baby.  :-)

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