Tuesday, June 12, 2012

23 weeks!

Looky looky peeps!  Two posts in one day.  But that's because posting weekly belly pics is much easier (wait, why was I five weeks behind then until this morning?) than posting pics about food or other bits of life.

23 weeks
Again - love seeing the repeat clothes in the pictures and seeing the size difference.  This was taken a week ago.  As I'm sitting here, baby brother is pretty intently kicking my left side.  But seriously, I don't mind at all.  Not even at 2am.  (Not yet anyways.)  Even in the last stages of my pregnancy with Charlie, with all the violent forceful kicking, that was still one of my favorite parts.  And one of those things that I missed for probably a good year postpartum, knowing that any rumblings I felt in my tummy were no longer sweet baby kicks, but some process of digestion.  Yea, digestion is good and necessary and all, but baby kicks are much cooler.

So now that I have actually done two blog posts in one day, it's time to get to that bathroom sink cleaning that I was talking about being perpetually behind in, in my last post.  

Yay for clean sinks!  Yay for baby kicks!

Love you baby boy.

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