Monday, January 31, 2011

Dip Extravaganza in the works!

Right now I am cooking up about 2.5lbs of dried beans to make dips with later today.  Stay tuned if you want to hear about my Smoky Cilantro White Bean Dip!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sock Monkey Shirt!!

Today Mom and I made a sock monkey shirt for Charlie to wear for his pictures on Thursday!  I stumbled upon this pattern, generously shared by Angela on her blog

I’m super excited about the sock monkey set of pictures we’ll have to share with family, complete with Leon (a sock monkey my husband made for me before we started dating), two little baby sock monkeys made in the Village of Yesteryear (one of my favorite places since childhood), and best of all a sock monkey quilt my Mom made Charlie for his birthday in October!  I’ll post some pictures once I have them!
(Btw, it felt good to achieve this project for around $3, as most of the materials were stuff that my Mom had on hand from making the quilt!  Take that $15 shirts online!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Up and Going

I’ve had the idea for this little space in the works for a while now.  I’m excited about a place to share my vegan recipes, crunchy tidbits, mama moments and whatever else I feel like.  :)  We’ll see how the crunchymamalife experiment turns out. :)

(Even now I sit here with a bouncy toddler on my lap wanting attention.  So first post is done!)