About Me

I wear socks, eat bananas, sleep with my head under the covers, and rarely wear heels anymore - things that never happened prior to having a baby.

Why a blog?
Cause I felt like starting one.  Cause I decided I needed a place to share my recipes and tasty, healthy recipes I find for people to reference.  Cause I wanted to be able to post cute pictures of my kiddo with abandon.  Cause it's easier to keep my blog neat than my house or my inbox.

How crunchy are you?
Does plastic still enter our house?  Yes.  I haven't completely eliminated it.  Do I try to?  Yes.  I like to shop at Farmer's Market when I can, but the grocery store also must do sometimes.  I currently use cloth diapers, but have there been/are there times when I've needed to use disposables?  Yes.  I like to buy foods in bulk when possible; get as unprocessed food as possible; shop second hand for clothes when possible; take advantage of kid's clothing sales; use my reusable napkins with abandon; give my men haircuts; make my own nutmilks; and of course, recycle.

Are you actually vegan?
Yes and no, which I'm pretty sure disqualifies me from being vegan in hardcore, purists' eyes.  99% of my diet is plant based, heavy on the veggies and legumes.  Do I de-rez if I accidentally consume some honey or eggs or something, out in public or at someone's house who is kind enough to serve me food?  No.  I care immensely about healthy eating, taking care of the planet God gave us, and treating His creations respectfully, but my diet is not my god.  Oh, but there is that whole dairy allergy that I have, which I find is getting progressively worse as I get older.  Being thrown into a month long headcold/respiratory illness after a bit of cheese is just. not. cool.   As for my diet, a better description is probably nutritarian.

What in the world is nutritarian?
Go here for a full description.  In a nutshell, I can be vegan and still eat a crappy diet loaded with white pasta, refined sugars, oil, etc.  Being nutritarian is about eating the highest nutrient per calorie foods (or the most nutrient dense foods) for the majority of your diet, whether you eat all plant based or include a very small portion of animal products.  So being vegan and being nutritarian can share a great deal in common, or almost nothing, depending on how you craft your diet.  The important thing to remember is to eat foods that actually nourish your body, not harm it.

Favorite things?
Glass mason jars for storing my bulk foods in.  Cloth napkins.  My bronze eyeliner.  Charlie's wooden toys.  Asking for a hug and feeling two dimply little arms fling around my neck and a sweet little head rest on my shoulder.  Getting to spend time with the love of my life.

Favorite food?
Hummus?  Kale with Tangy Tahini Dressing?  Tuscan Sundried Tomato White Bean Dip?  Vegetable Biryani? Vegan Monkey Milkshakes?  SO many DELICIOUS options, it all depends on my mood!  Or lets be honest, cheese pizza?  Believe it or not, cheese which was once more than a daily staple in my life and my professed favorite food/dessert, is slipping down from it's prominent "favorite food" status.  Do I still think about a cheesy slice of pizza sometimes and wish it were vegan and healthy (and didn't cause me such distress)?  Yea...   But we'll go with Pumpkin-Pineapple Cookies for now. :-D

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