Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Boy Bed Take 3

Ahh, the final installment of the Big Boy Bed saga - at least for now.

But where is the big boy bed you ask?  I see none in sight.  

That would be because the once he figured out how to crawl back and forth over the railing, he has delighted in pulling all of his precious treasures off of his bed, and huddling behind his bedroom door and drifting off to sleep there.  (Can you see the door in those two pictures?  That was me inching it open and peering around with my camera to take these shots before scooping him up and putting him in his bed.)  Oh yea.  He turns the light on too, THEN crawls out of bed and falls asleep behind the door.

I love how he fell asleep with his little feet propped up against his dresser.  Like I said, in spite of disciplining, he will get up out of bed and do this.  And at moments like these, I don't mind terribly.  It's somewhat humorous actually.  The night I found him like this, I saw that his bed room light was on, so I naturally cracked opened the door to reprimand him, only to find that his bed was empty.  Opening the door a little more expecting to see him up prancing around the room - which he wasn't - I opened it a little more, and just when I was getting ready to have a moment of panic -


I open the door a little further and almost banged him in the head before realizing he was happily tucked behind the door in dreamland.  That was a moment of relief, frustration, and hilarity all rolled into one Mom Moment. 

Then I made a mad, silent dash for the camera.  I'm glad I had the presence of mind to think of that, so I could document that night forever.

Sweet dreams little vagabond sleeper.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too cool for school

That's right.

He knows how to rock mama's shades.  And don't forget the bib.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Big Boy Bed Take 2

So here's how the big boy bed ended up.  We have the head board and foot board from my great grandma on now, and we opted for the child railing as well.  Not totally sure why we did the second since I wasn't too concerned about him falling out and hurting himself, and since in spite of disciplining, he still crawls over the railing and gets out.  But maybe he likes that he's got himself a little pen again, so to speak.  He clearly can't fall asleep until he dumps all his precious treasures out and scatters them around.

Oh, he's been known to crawl out of his bed and open his draws to retrieve a favorite shirt or pair of pjs to sleep with. Too funny!  Also he will retrieve favorite items from the dirty laundry basket as well to sleep with.  Not as funny.  I'm thinking I may have to move that basket out of his room.

But oh wait, there's more....

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Recently Charlie and his cousin Conal went in for a picture session at the photographers.  And no the pictures below are not the actual pictures that were being taken.  They were having solo pictures shot, but we managed to coordinate times, which always makes things more fun.  The shots below are of them waiting patiently outside the studio for their turn.  I love the mini-sofa.  Super cute and just their size.  They loved it too.

The look so grown up.

Clearly sidetracked by something important.

I think this was a failed attempt at a hug.

Twins?   What do you think?
I love that Charlie has a cousin so close to him in age (7 weeks apart) and that they can buddy up on things.

And we're back!

So many things I could write about.  So many reasons why I didn't.

Blogging is not my job, not now anyways.  Being a mother and a wife is a my job.  So, sometimes I feel the blogging mojo and sometimes I don't.  Guess July hasn't seen much mojo - blogging that is. :)

I have a fantastic veggie burger recipe I'll post soon!  I think it might be my favorite so far!  :)

My next oldest sister is due to go into labor at any moment.  This creates a delicious sort of tension in the house and in my mind, waiting and waiting for that moment.

There are of course lots of pictures to be posted - of all varieties.

The husband and I are edging ever closer and closer, Lord willing, to him finishing up his PhD work and moving on to the next chapter of our lives with a job somewhere.

And I've got some fun cooking adventures, that hopefully I'll get around to sharing.

In the mean time....

Mom let me take a picture!!

...because I love that face.